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Starting 2nd Families - Jan 2009
Hello and Welcome to the Jungle of Life aka JungleLuv

I love hearing from you the readers and I value your feedback. You're welcome to email us any time at, but please remember everything takes time.

I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. But some messages may fall through the cracks, and I apologize for that.

You're welcome to link to JungleLuv ( from your own blog or site and (thank you for that); asking my permission isn't necessary. Sorry, but I don't do link exchanges.

If you have a comment or question about one of my blog post, please consider leaving it in the comment section on that particular blog post so others can view what you have to say. I receive all blog comment via email, so even if you leave a comment on an older blog post, I will still get it and do my best to respond to you.

If you have written about one of my blog post on your blog (again, thank you!), I ask that you please crdeit JungleLuv for the blog post and include a link back to my blog post. Please don't use any of the content or photos without my written permission. You're welcome to leave a permalink to your post in the comments section of my original blog posts so othe JungleLuv readers can find it.

Thanks for visiting JungleLuv. I know there are many other blogs and sites you can go to online, thats why I'm so appreciative that you've chosen to spend some time here with us.

See you in the Jungle of Life a.k.a (JungleLuv)!


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