The Thrill of Decorating the Christmas Tree

Awe. I love the Christmas time of the year. With my little one Bianca, I swear there is more excitement when it comes with children.

To see the delight and twinkle in her eyes is so worth while. We went and picked up our Christmas tree last night. I could hardly get her to go to bed.

Those sleepy little eyes refused to want to give up for the day with the anticipation of decorating it tomorrow.

After a few minutes of tears and plenty of reassurance that the tree would be waiting for her tomorrow-she finally calmed down and fell fast asleep.

Our morning started with homemade waffles by daddy, hot cocoa. Breakfast is out of the way. Time to tear open all the decorations. Bianca is so estatic she can hardly contain herself. But its time for decorating big Christmas tree folks. Are you ready for the Christmas season? We are. Money maybe sparce but are hearts are filled with joy looking forward to the holiday season. Merry Christmas to all of my JungleLuv friends and Happy Holidays. May we find you safe and well throughout the rest of 2011.

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