A Mothers Poem

A Mothers Poem: To All the Moms Out There!

Making Memories Count. (Crying, Laughter, Pictures, Places, and Videos)

On Call Nurse 24/7. (Puking, Boo Boos, Mumps, Colds, etc.)

Truely Inspirational and Totaly Awesome (Guiding, Cheer Leading Club, PTA, etc)

Helping Others to Help Themselves. (Encouraging Over Achievers)

Event Home Planner (Birthday Parties, Slumber Parties, Home Coming, etc.)

Reasonably Sane. Organicaly grateful. (Humble, Solidtude, Gracious, Emotional)

Successful. (Leadership, Motivator, Entrepreneur, Home-Business)

Come on in and add to my Poem. Leave them in the comment section below.
I would love to hear about it.

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